Introducing the Cœur de Rose

Veronique and Malcolm have been associated with Rix for more than thirty years (come and visit and we will tell you the full story) but it was in 2010 that we purchased our beautiful and, at that time, unmodernised house. The house for us was perfect: it had not been spoilt by “modernisation” and so retained many original features, it had space with several outbuildings, it had lovely extensive but overgrown gardens waiting for some love, a fantastic swimming pool and three (yes, three) wine cellars … (for red, white and rosé my French friends told me). So in 2010 we signed contracts … and Cœur de Rose became a dream to be achieved. If we had known all the restoration work needed, would we have signed? We like to think yes, but we certainly have had to work hard to get Cœur de Rose into her current state.

As we restored and transformed Cœur de Rose, we kept in mind that we wanted to offer “Chambres d’Hôtes” and so much of our restoration work had that objective in mind. We have enjoyed the transformation of our home and believe that it is lovely, peaceful and an ideal spot to be based for visits to the beautiful Bugey region where we live. Do not take us at our word, come and find out!

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